Hayaoki NikkiHayaoki Seikatsu(http://www.hayaoki-seikatsu.com/) is a web site that supports persons who want to make life better by waking up earlier.

Hayaoki-Seikatsu is providing a free blogging service called 'Hayaoki Nikki'. Logging time that you woke with this service, you can understand your sleeping cycle, and improve it gradually.

In this page, we will instruct you how to use Hayaoki Seikatsu, especially Hayaoki Nikki.

Creating account

To use Hayaoki Nikki, you need a user account of Hayaoki Seikatsu. To get a user account, access the user registration page.


In user registration page, you shall input three informations.

  • User ID you want to use (ユーザーID)
  • Email address (メールアドレス)
  • Password (パスワード)

For User ID, you can use alphabets, numbers, '-' and '_'. And it must be from 3 to 20 characters long and unique. If the message '「」はすでに使われています。' ( is used already) was displayed. You have to change User ID.

Email address will be used to send confirmation mail. And it will be used to send weekly summary mails or information mails from Hayaoki-Seikatsu too. So, you must input email address that you can receive.

Password must be a combination of alphabets and numbers. And it must be from 6 to 16 characters long (ex. dia3ka2u8). In this rule, you can use any password. Decide a password and input it twice.

After inputting three informations, check the check box '利用規約に同意する' (agree with rules of this site) and press the button 'ユーザー登録' (register). Hayaoki Seikatsu will send a confirmation mail to email address you input. You will receive a email like below.





In this confirmation mail, you'll find a URL to confirm your registration. Access the URL and press the button '登録を完了させる' (confirm user registration).

Setting the target time to wake

Now, you can login to Hayaoki Seikatsu with your email address and password.

To login, input email address and password, and press the button 'ログイン' (login) in the login page.


You will see your diary page.

diary with no data

Your first task is to set the target time to wake. To set the target time, click a button on the top of the page '目標起床時刻'.

tab target time

You will see a page like below.

setting target time

In this page, select time you want to wake, and press the button '設定' (set). The message '目標起床時刻を更新しました' (saved) will be displayed.

Logging time that you woke

Now, you can start logging time that you woke. To log time, access the your own diary page. To access your own diary page, click the link '自分の日記' (your dialy) displayed in the top of all pages.

link to diary

In this page, you'll find a button 'いま起きた!' (woke now!) on the middle of the right side bar.

tab target time

By pressing this button, current time will be logged as a time that you woke. And the time you input will be drawn on the graph.

tab target time

Reading tendency from the graph

After few weeks of logging, you'll be able to read tendency from your graph.

For example, look at the graph below.

graph 1

It seems to be a cycle. The owner of this graph gets up later every Monday. It would be better going to bed earlier on Sunday night.

Next one seems to have no problem.

graph 2

But it seems to be delaying. Something might have happened on 14th this month. It would be better to check the diary body of 14th, and find the reason why it is delaying.

That's it. Now you acquired the knowledge to use basic functions of Hayaoki Nikki. Register now, and make your life better!